We are committed to our communities.

At Chugach, our core values inspire us to contribute to the communities we serve and in which we live. Through thoughtful sponsorships, partnerships and contributions that align with our organizational mission, we strive to address issues that affect our communities and help support vital community programs and services.

Current Focus Areas

We invest in events that bring our community together to increase public understanding of and engagement in the issues that affect us. Our communities include Anchorage, the Chugach region, Alaska, regional office locations and project site locations. We seek to sponsor innovative programs, projects and events that:

  • Address disparities in underserved rural communities within the Chugach region.
  • Improve the well-being of Chugach shareholders and/or the Alaska Native community as a whole, and promote and protect our cultural values.
  • Promote educational and health initiatives, responsible development, environmental stewardship, safety, economic development, and cultural and ethnic diversity within our communities.
  • Support federal or state initiatives that align with our organizational objectives.
  • Support our customers’ missions and/or customer support organizations.

Evaluation Criteria

Sponsorship proposals are evaluated based on five general criteria that have been developed to ensure we establish sponsorship relationships that will benefit the receiving organization as well as Chugach.

Proposals are evaluated for:

  • Tangible benefits associated with the partnership.
  • The opportunity to create long-term value.
  • The ability to reach targeted audiences and build relationships.
  • Positive exposure for the Chugach brand.
  • The potential for long-term, sustainable relationships.

We are unable to support the following types of activities:

  • Requests that pose a conflict of interest.
  • Events outside of our communities as outlined above.
  • Religious activities, in whole or in part, for the purpose of furthering religious doctrine.
  • School-affiliated orchestras, bands, choirs, drama groups, yearbooks, class parties, or class or team projects.
  • Requests that benefit an individual, family, or group.
  • Local and professional sporting events, individuals, or teams.
  • Personal appeals for funding of individual medical care, insurance coverage, scholarships, tuition, educational expenses, conference registration, etc.

Donations to political candidates, activities, or organizations and/or requests that benefit an individual, family, or group are granted only discretion of the CEO or Chairman of the Board.

Application Process

Sponsorship requests for the following year should be submitted by September for review and consideration as we review our annual sponsorship budget. Requests for the following year submitted after September will be subject to the availability of funds dedicated to miscellaneous sponsorship opportunities. Due to the volume of requests we receive, only requests received at least 30 days prior to the scheduled event date will be considered for sponsorship.

We will no longer accept sponsorship requests by telephone or fax. To apply for sponsorship of your organization’s event, please submit the following information to Randi Jo Gause at communications@chugach-ak.com:

  • Brief description of the organization (name, contact information, history, mission, activities)
  • Organization’s target audience
  • Amount of the request
  • Why the funds are needed
  • How funds will be used
  • Types of publicity and recognition for Chugach’s support